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I’ve been getting a little more comfortable with making these videos since I started doing gaming videos. Still have troubles with my voice, and being misgendered by people because of it… but decided to start the month off thanking this month’s Patreons and talk a bit about my plans for the month. 

I really need to get better lighting so Facerig stops acting up the way it has been… Another thing for my list… 

Well thanks everyone, i’ll be back to art and what not on Tuesday as usual. 


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Made a little video showing the Guild Wars 2 Asura Fanart I’ve done recently along with the characters that they are based on. Also, talked a bit about the art itself and how detailed these in game outfits are, as well as played with the Asura Emotes for a bit, because I love them so much. Links in the description to the full sized versions of the art in the video. 

Have plans to do more, just taking a bit to figure out the outfit for the next one and need to finish toning the next page of my webcomic first. 


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There, I finally did it… However I’m not sure how helpful this will be. My little “How to keep motivated while creating webcomics” turned into me being an emotional mess by the end as I started thanking all of you for your support over the years and talking about all the wonderful people I’ve met. I planned to try to make something to help others, but really can’t explain my motivation other then I’m stubborn, insane, love creating and because of all of you. 

So Thank you everyone. Also Thanks @indiefoxtail @omgwtfneo and @colorlesspring and everyone else who talks to me and can actually deal with my mental, gay ass. LOL 

If it wasn’t for all of you I’d probably not be creating such a long, gay, series like Inside OuT. I’m just glad so many of you are enjoying it, i’ll have more up on the weekend. 

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So here we go, the start of a new series I plan to do. Sort of new, I’ve already been doing the weekly reports, but now I’m doing a video version. I hope people enjoy these little videos, I plan to do one a week like this to run down the week’s events and my art plans.

For those who don’t have time to watch the video here is a quick breakdown of what is in the video.

Firstly, Happy May, apparently May is Mental Health month so I took a moment to talk about how I get through day to day live.

Plans for the month.

  • Beginning of the week quick sketch. I actually officially start the work week tomorrow, but was having fun with these videos so did that today for the hell of it. If you have a suggestion for who you want me to draw then please feel free to comment.
  • Inside OuT has been gaining more subscribers on Tapastic, which is fantastic. I’m glad people are enjoying it. so of course my first priority of the week is to get the next page done, as you know I’ve already begin the next page last week, just need to redraw a bit of it, then ink and tone it.
  • More Random Acts  – While not as popular as Inside OuT I do plan to do more, depending on my time I might just post another old strip, still got a few of those to post.
  • New Profile image.  I’ve already done, Ayumi,  Setsuko  and Akira , but who to draw next. Help me decide. If you can’t remember all the characters then check the Character Profile page I posted on Tapastic.

My $5 Patrons, or new ones, if you missed last weeks video posts you can find them here:

That should be everything. I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend and have a productive and good May.  

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I made the mistake of reading the FaceRig manual before going to sleep last night so found myself right at it again this morning. I figured out how to move my characters, add in text and images. This opens up all kinds of ideas for what I can do for these little videos. I have to do it in takes so I can change the images between scenes, but for some reason there is a black fade between scenes… need to figure that out… I haven’t done video editing in a very long time. this should be fun and interesting to put together.

Well this is just a quick test video. Me just playing around. Will try to fix things later, shouldn’t be working today, since I work Tuesday – Saturday now, but just having fun with this right now.

Off to study for a little bit to see what the problem with this fade is.  

Have a good Monday.

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