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Sketched the 4th page for the new side story to my webcomic series Inside OuT: another Tale. Trying to get more pages done now that this weeks page for the main series and RA are finished. Just running into a bit of trouble after burning the tips of my fingers on my art hand. Doing my best to work on as much as I can with a bandaged hand right now. 

New pages are up on Patreon. 

You can read the main series on Tapastic or Tumblr

New series will be on tapastic when finished. 

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Yuri Tale Inside OuT Vol 3 Page 131

Read from the beginning here on Tumbr

Confused, here is the Character Relationship chart and the Character profile pages. 

View the next pages on Tapastic or support me on Patreon, get to see the pages as they are created and listed on the monthly thank you page. Check my links page for more social media and other ways to help me continue to create more yuri. 

Thanks for reading this page, nearly done with the whole Sign Language bit, you can actually see the last page of this arc on Tapastic and Patreon now. It has been one hell of a learning experience. I’m just glad people have been enjoying this little piece of Akira’s story. 

Art is currently going slowly this week as in-laws are visiting shortly so had to do a lot of cleaning up as I prepare for their arrival. I’m still ahead on Patreon, but not as much as I’d like to be. After the In-laws visit I need to go out for my bi-annual medial tests, to make sure my Thyroid is still doing alright. *sighs* I hate these tests. 

Well I hope some of you enjoy this page. I’ll have more up next week. 


Page 132 is also up on Tapas. Sorry to be late at posting this, I’ve been asleep, not feeling to good as I prepare for the visit… Hopefully it will go smoothly. 

Well enjoy. 

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Yuri Manga Inside OuT Vol 3 Page 125 – The yuri canon

Read from the beginning. 

Check my Patreon for new pages, WIP, videos and more. 

Lost? check the profiles page for all the characters in Inside OuT

Also check the relationship chart

I can’t believe I actually got to this part in the story. I wrote it a while back. Thought of this cute little moment between my two Aces. A number of you have asked me about my little Deaf ace, Akira, well you’re about to learn a bit more about her in the next set of pages. 

I hope some of you enjoy this little moment, Thanks @indiefoxtail​ for helping me with writing this stuff. 

Until next week. I have more posted on Tapastic and Patreon. 


Here is the “adorkable” moment that was mentioned in an ask last week. I hope some of you enjoy this and the rest of Akira’s little story.  

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Yuri tale Inside OuT Vol 3 Page 115 – The yuri canon

Read from the beginning

Lost, check the new Profile pages or the Relationship chart

Check out my gay links page for more social media, patreon and our new website

This has been one hell of a couple of weeks, don’t know how I managed to get more pages done during the week. If you don’t know both of our cats had to go to the vets. Zee was having an allergy attack and scratching around her neck really badly, then after returning home from the vet Patches fell out of the window or something and sprained both her front legs. Been rough treating them both, but they are getting better. Still put a big hole in our savings. if any of you can help we would be grateful. We have a ko-fi pages for them. Check my gay links page for the link (Tumblr is being weird about links that don’t point to tumblr pages… sorry) 

I have more pages up on Patreon and two more about to be finished shortly. Chapter 38 is now finished and beginning chapter 39. 

Thanks everyone for reading. I’ll have more to come soon enough. 


New page now up on Tapastic for those interested. 

More to be posted on Patreon shortly. 

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There, I finally finished pretty much all the new profile pages for my OCs from Inside OuT, with flags, well aside from Nanase, Namiko, Nene, Rina, the two other teachers and parents. These are the major and secondary characters.

Since there are so many I decided to repost them, but double them up with their partners/Friends. I added a heart with = for those dating and an arrow for one sided relationships. Nothing for just friends or acquaintances. The full relationship chart can be found here.  Old Profile page can be found here. 

Read all of Inside OuT From the start here on Tumblr

Check my links page for my new website info, social media, patreon and other ways to help support my mission to create as much yuri as I can. 

You can read more of Inside Out on Tapastic now. 

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Finally finished this piece of my OCs, Erimi and Hitomi, from my yuri series Inside OuT. I haven’t done one like this in years and it took me 3 redraws to get it right and the anxiety it caused just working on it was horrible, but I got it done.

This is only a crop, not sure if the full version is too much, even though it is still rather innocent to me. Check my Patreon Page for the full version, also see the WIP for $3. 

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Who would have thought a simple scene of Ayumi carrying a couple of boxes would give me so much trouble… Had to scrap the original idea and redraw everything as I try to get this to look right… Still no where near finished… *sighs* Well, time to fix some little details and then get to toning this page. 

You can read Inside Out here on Tumblr

Or read more on Patreon and Tapastic. Check my links page for more of my social media pages and how to support me so I can create more yuri manga. 

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