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Category: Weekly Yuri News

Category: Weekly Yuri News

The Yuri Canon’s Weekly News for May 9 – 15 is now up on YouTube

Trying a few different things this week. The video editor I was using turned out not to be entirely free so I had to try and use the Youtube editor, it worked out alright, just a little odd. I’m still learning how to do these videos… only been doing them a week now. Geez, get so nervous after doing these things… forgot to mention that I am studying up on how to create my own Live 2d character for FaceRig, just going to take some time to learn how it is all done. 

I wanted to do a more personal Monthly thank you to my Patreons, I hopefully didn’t mess up on too many names… I have troubles pronouncing most things… sorry about that… 

Also wanted to bring up the new Kase-san Video, If you haven’t already seen this little short then place take a moment to watch this bit of yuri goodness. 

If you want to know more about GW2 you can check out their website. 

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