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Well, the day has finally arrived. I’m sure some of you may have been wondering what was going on with everything and why no new chapter has been released in almost 2 months. Well, it’s because I kind of hit a block, then I had the stress of my life piling up and I just kind of wanted to do other things for a while. However, I spent the last two days finishing up the final three chapters and so I can officially say that Forever Friends is complete. I really tried to end things with a, perhaps some might say, open ending because I felt that this was best for the theme.  My intention was to leave a bit of an impression, that makes you really think about the flaws of humanity and if it will ever be possible to achieve true equality and true happiness in life and love. I also felt that it might be nice to allow the readers to form their own endings for each of my couples and/or family units and so I’ve left their fates open too.  Overall, I find the conclusion satisfying. The last three chapters can be found here! Bonus chapters and such will be available in time, but Patreon will be the first to get them,  just fyi.

So now, I’d like to thank you all for reading and supporting this story and any others in the past or those yet to come. This was a fun journey and I look forward to bringing you even more interesting stories, with a diverse cast of characters and themes. I’m already brainstorming my next project and soon I’ll have my starting draft on paper. I won’t be sharing this story publicly for a while, but if you become my Patreon, you’ll get to see it develop over time and even get to offer feedback. I also have some other top secret things coming up in regards to my written works, but that’s also going to be Patreon exclusives. However, I won’t abandon my loyal followers of this blog. I’ll have goodies for you to check out too, so stay tuned.  For those who are new to my page and my works as a whole, you may find the link to my Patreon below, along with the link to buy me a coffee or donate to my paypal. You can also find my Facebook below as well as my twitter. Thank you again!






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The Day is officially upon us, as I am officially starting my promotion for my published Romance Novel Bound. It’s been officially published for many months now, but a lot of the previous editions were just me feeling out the process and finalizing everything. I’ve finally reached a level of satisfaction with it and so now it’s time to promote it. Considering this novel was published and edited independently by only me, it may not be perfect, but considering this fact, I think it’s pretty darn good. I have full confidence that my novel has a good story and has reached professional standards. However, having official reviews from readers would confirm this. But first, have a sneak peek at the book!


20170806_16282820170806_16284420170806_16285620170806_162949 1

So now, allow me to now present all the options.


Option 1: Purchase Bound directly from Amazon in eBook or Paperback format.

The eBook is $9.99 and the Paperback is $19.99, but all who purchase the Paperback get the eBook free (for a limited time), so keep that in mind when deciding.

Option 2: Become my Supporter on Patreon and read Bound Online for free!

This option also has the added benefit of giving you access to an exclusive feed ($1 tier) and to many other works that are coming soon, before anyone else ($3 tier) and have a chance to win an autographed copy of Bound or Amazon Gift Cards in monthly raffles ($5 tier). I think this is the best option overall and offers the best bang for your buck. Just note that Bound is only available to the $3 tier and higher.


With all these options, there’s no way you can’t start enjoying Bound today! Thanks as always and I hope you enjoy it. Look forward to more works soon!


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Hey everyone. I’d like to officially announce that I’ve edited Bound, my Romance novel and updated the cover, all to better fit the tone of the story. This is what I consider my 2nd Edition, though the link for purchase in the Amazon store remains the same. In case you need a reminder, here’s the synopsis and the new cover. The links will follow after.

Bound (4)

Jenevieve Barlow is a young woman with a tragic past, always seeming to lose the things she loves. After the death of her best friend, Jenny finds herself lost and barely living. Then she meets Kale and suddenly her life is filled with color once more. However, Kale doesn’t come without his fair share of baggage, the biggest being the son of a Business Tycoon, though he doesn’t wish to inherit the burden. They fall in love, but there are many forces at work pushing them together and pulling them apart, which leads them on a long journey that tests just how far they are willing to go to be together. They will be forced to ask themselves, once you are bound in friendship, love, responsibility and even death, can you ever really be free and do you even want to be?

Buy it from the Amazon store in print and ebook at the following link. Thank you and please enjoy and please share!

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Hey everyone, Happy 4th! Today I bring you chapter 4 and 5 of my sci-fi novel, Forever Friends. Read them on Movellas here. Thanks as always and enjoy. I’ve also posted snippets from each chapter as usual.

Chapter 4 Snippet:

He opens the door and prepares to walk out, but peeks back to look at Percy and is almost struck with fear at what he sees. His usually bright and animated Percival, looks down with an expression full of anguish, pain and anger. He looks up slowly at Victor, tears still in his eyes and with a serious and haunting tone voice he says, “if you walk out that door Victor, I will never forgive you. I will curse you for all eternity and see to it that you never find happiness again. I don’t want to hurt you, but you’ve hurt me too much to care anymore. This is my final ultimatum. Stay here with me and let go of this foolish quest, or leave and destroy our happiness forevermore. What will it be?”

Chapter 5 Snippet:

“You make it sound like we’re going to force the humans to submit to this program or something. I want the people to know that although we believe this will lead the greatest level of happiness, they are not obligated to register. I’ve always designed this to be a voluntary program, so that people can decide for themselves if this is the kind of future they want. The day we lose our free will, is the day that we will no longer be considered human. You agree, right darling?”

Lena is silent for a moment, but then smiles and says, “of course babe, of course.”


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Today on Twitter I noticed a brief excerpt a writer had tweeted out from their in-progress work:

So why am I mentioning this? Well, the title of this post should give a clue, because choosing the right words for your scenes is important. Before I say anything further, I’ll just point out that this tweet clearly indicates a first draft, the #AmWriting tag is used by writers to share things they’re working on right now, so I’m not actually critiquing this author’s work, merely using it as an example.

With that said, let’s take a quick look at the one word I feel drags the sentence down as it currently stands: scent. Scent is more normally associated with positive smells; the scent of a lady, scented clothing, scented oils, etc. From etymology online:

late 14c., “scent, smell, what can be smelled” (as a means of pursuit by a hound), from scent (v.). Almost always applied to agreeable odors.

In the current example, the writer is using a positively associated word with a negatively associated scene such as torture. There are instances where this can work well, as it produces an unsettling dissonance that can make the reader uncomfortable, a good thing when writing horror or thriller type works.

However, in this instance I’d argue that use of a positive word like scent actually produces a less impactful scene. It’s not a strong description precisely because the word evokes a positive image in normal use, and the lingering stench of urine and copper in a dark and dank location where torture was perpetrated really requires different word choices.

I just used the word stench as one good example. Odour also works as it often has a similarly negative connotation (body odour, an odour of decay, etc.). For a first draft, a word like scent is perfectly adequate, first drafts are meant to be crap, they’re the potter’s clay being slapped onto the wheel and shaped into something basic before refining and perfecting.

But once that first draft is complete and you can start looking more carefully at word choice? That’s where the real fun begins, at least for me. Picking the right words is incredibly important for setting the scene in the reader’s mind, and a single well-chosen word can elevate a good scene to something truly great.

The post Word Choice Is Important appeared first on Yurika S. Grant’s Author Site.

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Potatoes. Not actually a euphemism, don’t worry.

Potatoes. Not actually a euphemism, don’t worry.

English is a flexible language with huge variety in vocab and many, many alternate words you can use to describe things. So go nuts and have fun with it! Euphemism, genteelism, analogy, simile, they all have their place. But also be aware of when not to use them, and when to adjust word choice a little for particular situations.

For example, when I had just started out writing yuri romance I used horrible euphemisms like ‘magic button’ in place of ‘clit’. I was hesitant to use that word, partly because I was still unsure of how explicit I felt like being with my works in general. It’s one of those things that can demonstrate a lack of confidence, and you probably don’t want your writing to come across like that.

After reading some recent lesbian erotica and various blog posts by other writers on the subject, I dropped that practice entirely. Just use ‘clit’, you don’t need to worry unduly there, assuming you’re writing something explicit. Be bold and confident in your word choices, you don’t need to beat about the uh… the bush, as it were (I do apologise, haha).

You should also think about your characters themselves. How do they feel about sex and sexuality? Use words appropriate to the characters in question when describing scenes.

Like I have a character who loves breasts, and she can get a bit flustered when seeing her own girlfriend undressed because she has a large and shapely pair. So I use a lot of euphemism for this character, describing in terms of fluffy pillows or comfy airbags, using silly descriptors in the prose to match the character’s own feelings and flustered state.

Likewise, ‘pussy’ is a word I’ll happily use for any girl who is openly sexual and liberated, but I might default to more gentle euphemisms such as ‘wetness’ or ‘moistness’ for characters who are more unsure of things, or who are enjoying their first ever experience. This is by no means set in stone, though, I mix things up a great deal as well.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid using the same word more than a couple of times in a scene. So if I open a sexy scene using ‘pussy’, I’ll switch to ‘wetness’ the next time a direct reference is required. Then I might use ‘centre’ or ‘moistness’ for the next, before moving back to ‘pussy’.

Similarly, a phrase like ‘her most intimate area’ serves well to break things up and prevent monotony, adding some additional variety to the prose.

N-N-Naughty things are being discussed…!

Conversely, words I personally avoid – out of a combination of personal preference and the type of cute and playful yuri I write – include the other C-word. ‘Cunt’ is something I dislike using, it’s vulgar plus it’s often used as a profanity and/or insult. But more than that, I rarely use the more extreme expletives in my works, so it’s simply not a word I’d use in any case.

However, if it fits your story and your setting, go ahead and use it. People do use that word to refer to their bits (note, ‘bits’ and similar terms are also okay! See below), and if you’re using a modern day setting, chances are this and other strong language are going to be perfectly in-character. Again, use whatever is appropriate for your story and setting.

There are all sorts of other terms you can also use, depending on circumstances. The aforementioned ‘her bits’, for example. This applies to males and females equally, naturally. People use all sorts of weird words for that area of themselves; bits, bits and pieces, junk, lady garden, the old chap, gentleman sausage, love tunnel, etc. The list is effectively endless.

It’s fine to use these in prose, just be sure it fits. If you write works like mine, which are heavily focused on light-hearted antics, playfulness, and naughtiness, then words and phrases like the above can work really well – especially in spoken dialogue – but I also make occasional use of them in prose for a bit of variety.

As an example, I had a character get into a pretty strenuous session, then some other scenes happened, then a situation arose later (a matter of maybe a few hours after the sexy scene) that resulted in further arousal. She’s a relaxed and sexy girl so I used something along the lines of ‘she wasn’t certain her bits could cope with doing it again so soon’.

Exactly as I said above, think about your characters and the most appropriate words for them specifically. For a less sexually open girl, I might have gone with something like ‘she still felt too sensitive to reasonably consider doing it again…’ instead, or something along those general lines.

One other word I personally don’t use but others do: ‘sex’. Yes, I mean as a descriptive word for pussy. A fellow yuri writer friend of mine uses this a lot, as do several other writers I’ve seen. Like the other tips here, go ahead and use it if it feels right for your setting and characters.

Example: She moaned, rubbing the fabric of her panties deep into her sex.

That’s all for now, I hope this post was at least mildly educational or helpful in the event you’re interested in writing sexy yuri of any sort. Till next time!

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Ready to write, sah!

I was asked quite a while back how I go about maintaining momentum writing past the 10,000 word mark. For me personally this is a pretty easy question to answer, because I’ve never really struggled to maintain momentum. Quite the reverse, actually… I tend to be way too prolific.

What I do struggle with is keeping my focus on one thing. If I’m in the mood to write something specific I can get 5,000 or more words done in a day, no problem. My personal best is 7,500 in ~12 hours, which ain’t bad at all. But if I don’t feel like it? 1,000 might be a struggle, and chances are I’d give up after 500 words. And what I did write probably wouldn’t be very good.

So how do I write so I can maintain a level of momentum, especially past the 10,000 word mark? Simple, I vary what I write and don’t get hung up on writing linearly. Condensed down to a single word, I’d use this: Leapfrogging. Confused? That’s probably a reasonable reaction.

It’s really very simple, though, you simply jump – or leapfrog – back and forth over already-written sections (or scenes that don’t exist yet!) and write whatever the hell you feel like at that precise moment, anywhere in the story.

The basic principle is that interesting and exciting scenes are fun to write. By jumping back and forth, writing fun scenes as they occur, I find I’m a hell of a lot more productive. If there’s a scene later in the work I’ve been itching to write, I’ll go ahead and write it, then leave it to sit while I write something else I’ve wanted to play around with.

While leaving a scene to sit awhile, I might jump to an entirely different work for a time, concentrate on that for a day or two, then switch focus back to the previous work. By thinking up exciting and interesting scenes and simply jumping in and writing them like this, I’m always working on something fun, and having fun is a great motivator.

This is pretty much me when I’ve finished a full draft.

Originally, back when I started writing and was still entirely green, I wrote pretty linearly, slogging through busywork scenes, dialogue I wasn’t really feeling, and all manner of other things just so I could reach the scene I’d been itching to write for ages. Momentum is often considered in a linear context, after all.

Now? I just jump to the fun scenes and write those. Then I write another. And another. Until I’ve got a full chapter (part, work, short story, novella, whatever), all tied together with enjoyably fun to write scenes. I can write 5,000+ words in a day like this, and sometimes more, though it’s rare. Normally I aim for ~2,000 or so. Quantity doesn’t necessarily equal quality and all that.

If I write something I don’t like or I’m not really feeling and end up deleting/removing it, that’s fine, I don’t agonise and simply move to another scene or work. I’ve realised in the time I’ve been writing that a lot of my procrastination is actually me agonising over scenes. So it’s something I try not to do so much these days. I just let the problematic one sit for a time before coming back to it from a fresh direction later on.

One final thing; if I’m skipping scenes because they feel like busywork or padding, that’s a pretty sure-fire indicator that those scenes shouldn’t be there. It depends on the type of story, naturally, but generally speaking if you, the writer, aren’t feeling the scene or finding it interesting to write, what makes you think your readers will enjoy it?

If you’re writing romance or slice of life, slow and detailed scenes are expected, but even then they shouldn’t feel tedious or boring to write. Likewise, if you’re writing something action-oriented and find you’re struggling with an in-between scene, it might be worth taking a step back and re-evaluating whether it needs to be there at all, or if it can be replaced with something else. Maintaining momentum applies not only to writing past 10k, but reading past it, too.

I hope this helps! It certainly helped me a great deal and I enjoy my writing more as a result, but I realise that everyone is different and some people might not feel comfortable jumping back and forth like this. But if you’re struggling to keep up the momentum, why not give it a try? You might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

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Well folks, the day is here. With these two chapters, the Valkyrie War is complete and so is the Valkyrie Series. Check out the chapters here!

The finale was quite intense, and a lot happened, but I bet the final scenes were unexpected. Or maybe they were, but either way, there were major developments. To be honest, I was scared to write the end, because I was worried about how it’d be received. If people were as connected to certain characters as I was, the end will be a bit painful, but it can also be beautiful depending on how you look at it. I tried my best to show that beauty and so I hope it’ll be well received. However, I know that some people may not care for it and if that is the case, I do apologize to those people,  but I don’t regret my decision in the end. To me, this end was inevitable and I can’t think of a more appropriate way to end it. I’m certainly curious to know what readers think, so feel free to share. Also, the Epilogue is especially interesting and could hint at future developments, so be sure and read it.

So…what comes next? I’m sure that’s what you all will wonder and the honest answer is, a break. After spending the last two years working on three long series simultaneously, I need a nice break from the stress. Writing, for me, is a double edged sword. It can be a stress reliever, but also a stressor if I get overwhelmed or suffer a block. I’ve got so many new ideas and eventually I’ll get them on paper, but for now, I’m going to take a break. Maybe catch up on shows and anime I’m behind on or even some games. I’m also about to be a working woman (finally), so that’ll also cut down my time. However, do understand that my writing will never stop and I’ll be back at it soon enough. Fan-fiction is also on the horizon, so get excited for that as well.

Finally, I just want to take this moment to thank everyone who’s been following the series, read it or even just supported me. I really appreciate it and when I recieve comments on my stories or posts, I’m so very happy. So seriously, thank you and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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Hey everyone! I’ve been able to get Chapter 6 done in just two days, a new record for me with this story! Check it out on movellas here! I’m just so excited for the developments and for the conclusion, which I still haven’t figured out exactly, crazy as it sounds lol. Despite this, I plan to write the final chapter over the next couple of days and perhaps the Epilogue as well. By the weekend, I’d like to close out the story, so let’s see how much I can keep up this current momentum. This chapter was pretty intense and lead to quite the confrontation(s). I hope you guys will enjoy it though and I’m pretty sure the finale will prove satisfactory too, though it’s probably not going to end how you think. It has that pesky tragedy tag after all…. Don’t be deterred however as even tragedies can have good endings. I’ll leave you to ponder that…

Also, just as a side comment, I never have wished I could draw more than I do right now as I would love to draw Elli as she looked in this chapter. I think I described her well and got the point across, but I’m not sure if my words could quite captured the level of hotness that she exudes in my head. (In case you didn’t realize, Elli’s my favorite… Don’t tell Amelia that though!) No, I love Amelia too, of course. Look forward to Amelia’s updated look, coming next chapter right at the start. She’ll look pretty good too I’m sure, but that Elli though….Okay, enough of me fangirling over my own heroines, please enjoy the chapter!

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